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Italian School Pistoia - Italian Language Courses ITALIAN SCHOOL PISTOIA - THE IDEA

To many adults the prospect of learning or increasing the command of a foreign language is daunting and nerve racking.

We specialize in removing the idea of  difficulty and sacrifice enveloped in the experience of learning a language. This, of course, is a far more effective and rapid process when studying in the country where the language is spoken, but, above all, when it is also  an opportunity to mix with local inhabitants, come to a far deeper and intimate knowledge of the people and gain an insight into their culture. We work to make our students feel comfortable and at ease and to turn their entire learning experience into a thoroughly satisfying  vacation complete with tours, arts and cultural visits, shopping excursions, sightseeing, cooking classes, trekking and skiing. 

Approach Italian Language Courses

This approach encourages the student to learn and apply their new linguistic talents in a friendly and all-encompassing environment. People learn much better when they are enjoying themselves and so we  do all we can to ensure that the lessons are both serious and intensive but at the same time very enjoyable! Our Italian Language Courses is based on the idea that learning a language is a practical skill, which anyone is capable of, and which is best acquired by intensive practise and maximum exposure to the language. At the same time, the importance of grammar is not neglected, with frequent grammatical explanations being given in order to reinforce and deepen the students' knowledge of and ability to use the language.

We care for our students and wish they will remember Italian School Pistoia as one of the most pleasant experiences in their life!

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