Caffé italiano - Italian Coffee

Un caffé italiano - About Italy

caffè italiano - about ItalyWhen you visit Italy, you know before coming that one experience you will never want to miss is having a cup of coffee “al bar”.

First of all you must know that “prendere un caffé” in Italy, means not only to drink a coffee BUT most important, have a quick chat with a friend or a colleague, take a pause from whatever it is you’re doing, sit at a table in a sunny Spring morning while watching people go by, collect your thoughts before an important decision, and a number of different things too long a list to name them all.

Caffé is – like a lot of other events and facts which may seem trivial to a foreigner – very important stuff in Italy. And not at all easy, let me tell you.

When you get to the “bar” and you order a coffee, you might be asked: “normale”?

Why study Italian

Why learn Italian?

Learn italian in PistoiaWhy learn Italian: 10 reasons why you should engage yourself on the feat of learning a language hardly no one speaks outside of Italy (exception made for the above 100 million Italian-native-speakers who left their country and went abroad to work).

Why should you learn Italian? There are many reasons that can justify learning to speak Italian: first the Italian language is frequently rated as the most beautiful of all. Furthermore whether you are talking about cooking, architecture or any kinds of art, using the Italian language while speaking them will surely make you feel the vibes of things.

Maybe you fell in love with the rolling hills of Tuscany as depicted in Under the Tuscan sun or maybe you fell in love with an Italian man who looked just about the same as Roul Bova in the above mentioned movie!