Why italian lessons in Pistoia

A traveller wrote at the end of the 19th century -" Those who don't know Pistoia can't even imagine what artistic treasures are hidden there" and it is exactly this that surprises visitors who wind on foot through its enchanting streets and squares, not only because of its world renowned artistic masterpieces but because of the atmosphere you feel as you lose yourself in its streets.
Although having been in Italy several times, you are likely not to have ever visited Pistoia, a town with a population of about 100.000 people who give it a city feel but is very easy to get around and through on foot and spares you the hectic atmosphere of heavily touristic destinations.
Off the most famous routes, the beautiful landscape, the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Province of Pistoia can reveal itself to be a real discovery: the visitor will recognise the harmony of natural beauty and masterpieces of art everywhere. 
Pistoia - Tuscany
The traveller of a thousandfold interests is welcomed by the rich variety Pistoia has to offer and is involved in activities that can go from art tours to mountain excursions and spas, from green tourism to culinary holidays - all year round. Whoever may find the history and the constructions created by man exciting, is given the chance of an interesting journey into the past by, first of all, visiting the cities of art Pistoia and Pescia, where Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque is revealed in the palaces, loggias, churches only to then move on to discover the villages, the castles and churches that offer aspects of equally rich historical and artistic evidence. 
Pistoia city center is rich of ancient streets, squares and churches dating back to the medieval period when the town was torn between warring Bianchi and Neri factions. Also important is the Ospedale del Ceppo, a hospital and orphanage adorned with a frieze of della Robbia’s and San Giovanni Fuorcivitas, an incredibly striped church, magnificent example of romanic style.  The Cathedral – quietly siding the stunning Piazza del Duomo has an altarpiece within which is  an impressive silverwork with scenes of the Old Testament and the life of Christ, including two figures done by Brunelleschi.
Whoever appreciates nature will admire the extraordinary variety of the landscape and natural environments: the rolling hills of the Colline Montalbano and the Pesciatina Svizzera, the lush green summers and covered with snow in winter, the Padule wetlands in Fucecchio, and the extensive greenlands of the plant nurseries. Sport lovers can ski at the renowned Tourist district which has its main centre in Abetone, go cycling or simply enjoy an active vacation in a pleasant and relaxing surrounding. Who might want to regenerate body and spirit will find relax and wellness in the famous spas of Montecatini Terme and Monsummano Terme.
But not only this:
  • Pistoia has built trains for more than a century and over the years has been selected to produce trains and trams for Public Transport Authorities  worldwide  (ansaldobreda.it)
  • A ritual duel between lance-armed horsemen and a bear called the Giostra dell'Orso ("Joust of the Bear") was first recorded in 1300 and has been a yearly, modern event in Pistoia- on th 25th July -  since 1947 (giostradellorso.it)
  • Singing the blues may not seem an Italian pastime, but Pistoia hosts a Blues Festival every July that has featured such artists as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lou Reed, Pat Metheny, and Peaches (!!) (pistoiablues.com)
  • Quite a few of the artists who have been on stage during the Pistoia Blues Festival are also loyal customers to the “earcreated” cymbals and drums by  long established UFIP factory (en.ufip.it)
  • Pistoia is the capital of  plant nurseries which sum up for one of the most important productions in the world (vannuccipiante.it)
  • Pistoia is the place where chocolate, which is now as commonplace as cappuccino, is still made with the meticulous craftsmanship that only an artisan can provide. (robertocatinari.itslitti.it)
  • Playing golf is  the must of your life no matter what? Browse and make you’re your choice (montecatinigolf.com,  golfquarrata.it
  • Pistoia houses historic organs, manufactured from the 18th century on by two families – the Agati and the Tronci – which appeal to a vast number of foreign  students taking courses at the Accademia .
  • Might  the choice of coming to Pistoia for a language course be based on its food, wine, oil and restaurant quality? You be the judge! (stradadileonardo.orglabottegaia.it)